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    We would like to thank everyone who shared their story with us in the Hangtime Kick Back & Relax Contest.

    We were so thrilled to have received so many entries with stories about how our fans like to kick back and relax. After careful consideration and review of all of the finalists' essays, we are excited to announce the grand prize winners!

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    Hanging Out With My Dad

    by Dave T

    I spend my hang time taking long walks on the Oregon coast with my dad. As we walk, we listen to the crash of the waves and the squawk of seagulls. We talk about sports and politics as we search the shore for seashells, watching the crabs scurry as the tide rolls up the beach, and we breathe the clean, fresh sea air. After our walk, we head to my house and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, usually accompanied by a Hangtime Pinot Noir, our favorite. That's how I kick back and relax!

    My Hangtime Oasis

    by Cindy M.

    "I spent years planting flowers, fruit trees, grape vines & berries on our little farm. All that hard work paid off & I've created a beautiful oasis where I can kick back & relax. The only thing that's missing is that perfect comfy spot to settle into & enjoy it all. A hammock would be a heavenly way to enjoy some "Hangtime"! I'd sip my wine, nibble my strawberries & watch the butterflies float from flower to flower as the deer wander by...... I think I could find true bliss in my little oasis!"

    Spending some me time

    by Vincenza B.

    I kick back and relax by spending a little me time by a lake or river and just watching the clouds go by. It's relaxing and gives me time to pause and think of my blessings. All of the things that I have to be thankful for and my children. There is no greater relaxation then to realize how grateful you are 4life

    Backyard oasis

    by Mary H.

    In this hectic world we live in, we often forget the small things, the ones that matter the most. We tend to find these moments by relaxing around a fire in our backyard, whether it's just our family or our extended family (friends) we make memories to last just kicking back and relaxing!

    Our Farm

    by Melinda B.

    We have 6 acres are farm we keep mowed like a golf course that a creek flows by. It's perfectly serene with no noise or people around, just the wind in the trees & the birds singing. We have had bonfires & picnics, wine tasting and private dinners. We are truly blessed with a small piece of heaven and this is where we go to find our serenity. Some day we will build our retirement home on the land that's been in the family 100 yrs. and it will be passed down to our only grandson.